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  • Terms and conditions

    Privacy, and Terms and conditionsSomerset County Council Privacy Notice  Terms and conditions Cookies Our website automatically logs the IP addresses of visitors but this does not store or capture ...

    Last Modified: 27/04/2018

  • Business licences and certificates

    Includes approved premises licenses and permission for decorations on the road

    Last Modified: 25/05/2016

  • Apply for a child performance licence

    Children who perform on stage, in television, film or commercial work, who take part in paid or professional sport or who work as models need to be licensed

    Last Modified: 21/07/2017

  • Public Registers

    We maintain Public Registers as part of our Publication Scheme

    Last Modified: 13/07/2018

  • Apply to put objects on highway land

    We ensure that anything placed on the highway is in a safe location and does not inconvenience the public

    Last Modified: 03/05/2018

  • Apply for a child work permit

    How to apply for a work permit to allow a child to work

    Last Modified: 12/02/2018

  • Somerset Wedding Service

    Links to information about giving notice, planning and other advice

    Last Modified: 08/03/2018

  • Apply for an approved premises licence

    Licence a premises in order to be able to hold Civil Marriages and Civil Ceremonies

    Last Modified: 05/06/2018

  • Radioactive Waste

    Information about planning applications for radioactive waste management in Somerset

    Last Modified: 09/08/2016

  • Approved premises statutory adverts

    Licence application notices for approved premises

    Last Modified: 18/07/2018

  • Trading Standards and Animal Health and Welfare

    All information relating to trading standards and animal health and welfare is now on the joint Devon and Somerset website

    Last Modified: 20/09/2017

  • Publication Scheme

    A guide to specific information held by the authority

    Last Modified: 01/05/2018

  • Registration contact and bookings

    Includes the address and contact details of all Registration and Register Offices in Somerset

    Last Modified: 29/05/2018

  • Oil and gas development

    There are three areas in the county which are licenced by the Government for exploration and extraction of oil and gas reserves

    Last Modified: 12/06/2017

  • Book an appointment to view the commons register

    The Commons Register is a definitive map of Common Land registered in Somerset

    Last Modified: 02/09/2016