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Tendering and procurement strategy


These Contract Procedure Rules and Standing Orders are the Contracting Authority’s  rules for the buying, renting and leasing of Goods, Services and Works and apply to all Relevant Contracts made by the Council unless otherwise specified.

The aim of these Rules is to assist Officers in achieving best practice and lawful procurement, to ensure that the Council fulfils its duty of delivering Best Value for its council tax payers and excellent outcomes for its service users.

The Rules also provide a basis for fair competition by providing transparent and auditable procedures to protect the Council’s reputation from any suggestion of dishonesty or corruption.

These Rules apply to all Officers of the Council or any companies or organisations within the Council’s control. They are part of the Council’s Constitution and therefore Officers have a duty to ensure they have fully understood them and have sufficient authority prior to commencing any procurement or contracting activity (see section 10. Pre-Procurement authorisations).

Officers must also ensure that any persons or organisations acting on behalf of the Council fully comply with these Rules.

These Rules are mandatory and shall govern and regulate the Council’s procurement and contract award procedures. Officers must also refer to the Commercial and Procurement Team for more detailed guidance throughout the procurement process.

The expectation is of compliance to these Rules and in any cases of doubt advice must be sought from the Commercial and Procurement Team. Failure to follow these Rules may be dealt with as a breach of the Council’s standards of conduct and in certain instances may be treated as gross misconduct and give rise to action under the Council’s disciplinary policy and procedure.

If upon reading the Rules the Officer discovers a lack of clarity or wishes to ensure their comprehension and compliance, they must consult with the Commercial and Procurement Team for advice and guidance. The Officer shall not be excused from these Rules on grounds of a lack of understanding.

The administration, monitoring and governance of these Rules shall be the responsibility of the Commercial and Procurement Team.

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