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Somerset Micro-enterprise Project


The Somerset Micro-enterprise Project is an initiative we deliver in partnership with Community Catalysts. The project, which has been extended to run until October 2018, aims to support the development of very small care and support providers in Somerset.  

A micro-enterprise:

  • is independent of any larger organisation
  • is delivered by local people for other local people
  • can be run by anyone
  • has five or fewer full time equivalent staff or volunteers
  • offers services to people who need care or support

These micro-enterprises support people to: 

  • live independently at home
  • live a full life and keep well
  • get around in their community and go shopping 
  • have meals, go to lunch clubs…. and a whole lot more

What the project offers
The project co-ordinator works across the whole of Somerset to:

  • help people from developing early ideas to taking the first steps to becoming a micro-provider
  • support micro-providers to work together and support each other so that they have a collective voice
  • signpost new providers and services to relevant development and business advice services
  • help create more choice in the ‘care marketplace’ by creating the right conditions for new and different services to be set up and become sustainable
  • work with local agencies, organisations and services to find different ways of offering local providers the support, advice, information, products and training that they need

We believe in supporting local people to provide local support. We think that this

  • provides personal, flexible and responsive support and care
  • gives local people more choice and control over the support they get
  • offers an alternative to more traditional services

If you are interested or want to find out more, contact 
Rhys Davies, the project co-ordinator
Phone 07595 411945

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