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Commercial and procurement policies


We embrace the spirit of the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012. Improving social, environmental and economic well being will help support County Plan priorities to build community capacity and resilience. Therefore SCC will apply, as appropriate, the broad principles of social value to all commissioning and procurement arrangements, no matter whether the value of the goods or services exceeds or falls below the EU procurement monetary thresholds.

This Social Value Policy Statement outlines how SCC will embed social value and demonstrates the County Council’s commitment to delivering social value benefits through its commissioning and procurement arrangements. The policy builds on existing commissioning and procurement practices and underlying principles of:

  • sustainable procurement
  • taking a value for money approach, rather than lowest cost, when assessing contracts.
Considering the most appropriate form of consultation, accounting for requirements of people and organisations being consulted, size of procurement, and likely impact of procurement. Including consulting supply markets, as appropriate, before formal procurement to develop robust and intelligent specifications.

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