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The Somerset Growth Plan 2014 - 2020 was developed in partnership between the Somerset Local Authorities, business representative organisations and other key stakeholders. This has now been fully updated and extended to cover the period of 2017 - 2030. The full Technical Document and Appendices, as well as a shorter Summary Document are all available to view in the ‘Information and resources’ section.

The Growth Plan sets out Somerset’s plans to promote growth between now and 2030. The purpose of the Growth Plan is to attract and guide investment; to overcome barriers; and maximise sustainable growth from local opportunities, benefiting Somerset’s communities, businesses and residents. 

The Vision

By 2030 Somerset aims to be a very productive and innovative business community and economy. The labour force will have the skills that businesses need, and the infrastructure will be in place, to achieve higher productivity and innovation. Economic prosperity will be inclusive, to the benefit of all groups within the community.

The Aims

By 2030 Somerset aims to have:

  • A productive and innovative business community and economy
  • A labour force with the skills that businesses need
  • The infrastructure to support productivity and innovation

Sitting beneath each of these three aims are 18 Strategic Objectives for Somerset.

SCC and partners are now working on a set of delivery plans and a performance management framework to guide and inform the delivery of the 18 Growth Plan objectives. These will be published here once finalised.

The Somerset Growth Plan 2017-2030 has also been used to inform the development of the forthcoming Heart of the South West (HotSW) Productivity Strategy which replaces the Local Enterprise Partnership’s (LEP) Strategic Economic Plan published in March 2014. The Productivity Strategy will be an overarching strategic document for the HotSW focussing specifically on plans to boost the area’s productivity and close the so called ‘productivity gap’. The Somerset Growth Plan and its forthcoming delivery plans will continue to sit beneath the Productivity Strategy, guiding interventions and investments in Somerset.


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