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Somerset's second Local Transport Plan (LTP2) set out our transport objectives for the period 2006 - 2011 and what we intended to do to meet them.  It also included targets which were used to measure our progress and an overview of the implementation plan which set out details of how we put our plans into action.

LTP2 has now been replaced by Somerset's new Future Transport Plan which covers the period 2011 - 2026.  To find out more about the Future Transport Plan, please click on the 'Future Transport Plan' link under 'Related Services'.

LTP2 aimed to tackle congestion and pollution and improve accessibility and safety.  The plan was also used by central government to work out how much Somerset should be allowed to borrow to fund local transport schemes.

The second Local Transport Plan 2006-2011 was successfully submitted to central government in March 2006 and has now been superseded by Somerset's Future Transport Plan (FTP).

How to use it
To make it quicker to download, we have broken Somerset's Second Local Transport Plan into a number of sections.  These sections can be viewed or downloaded from the 'Information and Resources' panel on the right hand side of this page. 

General enquiries and electronic copies are free. However, there is a charge for printed documents such as the Local Transport Plan and Appendices.

Local Transport Plan performance
The LTP2 Year 5 End of Project Report is now available from the link under Information and Resources.  This document is also available in hard copy on request.  Please contact the Transport Policy Team for further information, email: or see the contacts section for further information. 

The LTP2 has now been superseded by Somerset's Future Transport Plan (FTP).  For the duration of the plan, we monitored performance against our Local Transport Plan with 22 key targets. These helped us measure whether we were achieving the priorities set out in our Local Transport Plan. We published progress reports that set out what we had achieved and these are available under Information and Resources.

During the Local Transport Plan 2 period (2006-11), the county council was required to report annually on a range of performance measures so that the Department for Transport could assess how well we were performing against our agreed priorities. These priorities were to:

  • improve safety for all 
  • reduce social exclusion and improve access to everyday facilities 
  • reduce the growth of congestion and pollution and improve health 
  • support sustainable economic growth in appropriate locations 
  • protect and enhance the built and natural environment  

We used 22 indicators to monitor our performance against these priorities. Every year we produced an Annual Progress Report which summarised how we performed. The Annual Progress Reports also highlighted our key successes and our assessment of whether we were on track to meet our targets by the end of the LTP2 period (March 2011).  A number of transport targets are also included in Somerset's Local Area Agreement.

To compile this report we collected, analysed and recorded a large amount of data. This included traffic growth, the number of heavy goods vehicles on non-strategic routes, road safety, the use of buses and demand responsive transport, congestion, the condition of our roads, air quality, the proportion of journeys to school and work taken by car, cycling and pedestrian activity, bus punctuality and satisfaction with bus services.

The Local Transport Plan has been superseded by Somerset's Future Transport Plan (FTP); more information can be found by following the link to 'Future Transport Plan' under 'Related Services'. 

The Annual Progress Reports (APRs) can be viewed or downloaded from the Information and Resources section of this web page.


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