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Adult Social Care information sheets


This page lists our information sheets. The documents are in pdf format so that you can save them or print them. They are all created in large print.

If you would like them in a different format, such as on tape or CD, or in Braille, please contact us and we will send them to you. 

On the Somerset Choices website there is a page listing all the information sheets. There you can use a 'select language' button to see them in any one of almost a hundred languages. You can also change the text size and contrast, and print them.

Our information sheets are grouped by topic to make them easier to find. The topics are:

  • A. Information about Social Care
  • B. Care and support at home
  • C. Money matters
  • D. Care homes and housing options
  • E. Information for Carers 
  • F. Information for people with a Sight Loss
  • G. Information for people with a Hearing Loss

In the list below, each information sheet has a code number so that it is easier for you to refer to.

If you click on the name of the information sheet you want to see, it will open for you.

A  Information about Social Care  

A1 Welcome to social care

A2 Getting independent advice and support

A3 Blue Badges

A4 Your care and support assessment

A5 Health Interface Service

A6 Community Teams

A7 Keeping safe

A8 Safeguarding Adults

      Application to see your records

A11 Compliments, comments and complaints about Adult Social Care

A12 No response 

A13 Help with transport

B  Care and support at home

B1 Care and Support plans and personal budgets

B2 Information about your care and support review

B3 Home care 

B4 How to get good advice about equipment and adaptations

B5 Adapting your home

B7 Equipment to help you use the bath or shower   

B9 Short-term care package to help prevent you going into hospital

B11 Help with taking medicines   

B12 Home from hospital  

C Money matters

C1 Information for people who pay for their own care 

C2 Direct Payments: An introduction 

C3 Direct Payments guidance

C4 Getting independent financial advice 

C5 Help with paying for care and support 

C6 How your personal budget contribution is worked out

C7 Calculating your contribution: Your checklist

C8 Money and people who lack capacity 

D Care homes and housing options                                                   

D1 Choosing a care home

D2 Paying for residential care

D3 Information for people who pay for their own care home                

D4 People moving into a care home who have property    

D5 Care home beds for rehabilitation 

D6 Extra Care Housing

D7 Specialised Residential Care (SRC) 


Contact: Customer Contact
Use the 'Contact Adult Social Care' form if you have a quick question for the team 
For a more detailed conversation please phone 0300 123 2224
Opening Hours: Monday 8am to 6pm, Tuesday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm, Saturday and Sunday closed.

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