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Volunteering in libraries


We welcome the support of volunteers. We recognise the important contribution they make to local services. Volunteers bring their experience, knowledge and skills and support libraries to deliver a range of opportunities and activities to our customers that also benefit the wider community.

These are examples of some of the volunteering opportunities

  • Children’s activities, story times and events

  • IT support - many customers find one to one support helpful

  • Support for library events and activities, such as National Library Day, author visits, workshops.

  • Home Library Service – delivered by the RVS providing essential support to our customers who are housebound

Come in and talk to staff in your local library about volunteering. We will be able to offer information and can advise you about the opportunities available.

Friends groups 
Friends groups provide an important contribution to support and maintain awareness of a library in the local community. They work in partnership with the library service and local library teams. Their support helps promote the role of the library service, which provides access to resources and information, encourages reading, improves literacy, and contributes to learning, health and wellbeing, and creative opportunities.

Friends groups are involved in and support a wide range of activities, some of these include:

  • Fundraising activities to help support the introduction of a new service in the library or raising funds for events or activities

  • Supporting activities in the library, such as author talks and children’s activities

  • Supporting the recruitment of volunteers for the different volunteer roles offered by the library service.

  • Delivering additional programmes of events and activities to complement those provided by the library service.

It is important that all friends groups are constituted, and have elected members and processes in place. Many friends groups also take out insurance cover for any activities they provide outside of library opening times. The library service can support and provide advice about setting up and establishing your friends group.

If you would like more information about setting up a friends group, or volunteering opportunities, please speak to staff at your local library, phone 0300 123 2224 or email 

The documents in the Information and resources section of this page may also be helpful.


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