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Libraries customer satisfaction survey

Somerset Libraries ran a customer satisfaction survey from the end of July into August 2017. A customer satisfaction survey will be regularly repeated to help us monitor how well we are doing and find out how people are using library services.

We received 1215 responses, and the main findings included:

  • Over half of all respondents, 52%, visit their library weekly. While 37% of all respondents visit monthly.
  • The majority of people walk to their local library or use their own transport.

The three most used library services are:

  • Borrowing books 
  • Looking for information and researching
  • Attending events and activities
99% of all respondents reported that library staff are either very helpful or helpful.
72% of all respondents indicated that they ‘sometimes’ ask for help from staff, with 22% seeking help ‘often’.

The quality of library facilities was mostly thought to be very good or good, with IT scoring lower.  

Overall, 59% of respondents rated library services as excellent, and 31% as very good. Only 1% rated them as poor.

The ways in which libraries are helping people the most include:

  • 'Helped me to feel a part of my community' 
  • 'Improved my health and wellbeing, made me happy' 
  • 'Helped with work, business, or study'

Helping to combat social isolation and supporting people’s literacy and reading were also identified.

There were 696 free text comments offering suggestions for service improvement. The majority of these comments focus on:

  • the quality of bookstock (more up to date, the need for new books dominated the feedback) 
  • positive comments about library services (satisfied with library services overall) 
  • opening hours (requesting that libraries open for longer)

Non-library users quoted a lack of time and being able to purchase their own books as the main reasons for not visiting libraries.

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