Somerset County Council

Disclosure Log of Freedom of Information Requests

ReferenceSubject of QuestionRequest received
141178Free School Meals 04/11/2015
141103Contact details for staff responsible...14/10/2015
374565Report on costs in pursuit of this...05/10/2015
141002Spend with Consultancy Companies 17/09/2015
141949141949 Safety Inspections relating to...24/06/2015
141924SACRE Board15/06/2015
141860Contact Details of the Fair Access...26/05/2015
141854141854 - School Age Children Population22/05/2015
141850Fees for Residential Care21/05/2015
141843Grounds Work 19/05/2015
141845RTPI Code of Conduct19/05/2015
141839Unlit road through Butleigh Wootton18/05/2015
141835Living Wage18/05/2015
141777Child protection external spend15/05/2015
141826Childrens Social Care Senior Management...14/05/2015
141820Teachers Stress-related leave12/05/2015
141824Hedge Funds12/05/2015
141822Pension funds, fossil fuel12/05/2015
141810 Parking Restrictions Yeovil11/05/2015
141811Inspection reports, Greinton Road11/05/2015
141813Student Injury Claims11/05/2015
141815School Meals11/05/2015
141806Footpath that links Beverly Drive to...07/05/2015
141804Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards...06/05/2015
141802Yellow zig zag marking near Mark First...04/05/2015
141797Community Infrastucure Levy Agreements 30/04/2015
141794 Use of temporary (agency) social...29/04/2015
141795Primary school children self harming29/04/2015
141790Off payroll workers27/04/2015
141786Independent Visitors service27/04/2015
141784Statutory adoption counselling/therapy...25/04/2015
141780School Admissions23/04/2015
141774Micro-tendering process for home care...21/04/2015
141769Call Centre and inbound network service...20/04/2015
141766Rights of Way and PINS19/04/2015
14176731 Care Act Payments to Carers18/04/2015
141658aUFISM Birchfield School transfer...17/04/2015
141756Admission of children outside their...16/04/2015
141750Dunball motorway parking restrictions15/04/2015
141754Closure of TIC at Sedgemoor services15/04/2015
141755Children in care15/04/2015
141747Head teachers salaries across Somerset15/04/2015
141738List of Roads13/04/2015
141741Public Health services13/04/2015
141737Adult Social Care Complaints13/04/2015
141740School Trips13/04/2015
141736Zero Hour Contracts10/04/2015
141739Cycling Injuries10/04/2015
141734 GP enhanced services09/04/2015
141735Energy 09/04/2015

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