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We have a vision for Somerset. Over the next ten years we want all organisations to work together as a partnership to create: 

  • A thriving and productive Somerset that is ambitious, confident and focused on improving people’s lives
  • A county of resilient, well-connected and safe and strong communities working to reduce inequalities
  • A county infrastructure that supports affordable housing, economic prosperity and sustainable public services
  • A county and environment where all partners, private and voluntary sector, focus on improving the health and wellbeing of all our communities

This vision is owned by all of us; we want to work together to improve the lives of our residents. We will only achieve this if we work with partners across the county, and with Somerset’s residents and communities. 

Our four priorities for improving the lives of our residents are: 

1. A county infrastructure that drives productivity, supports economic prosperity and sustainable public services

2. Safe, vibrant and well-balanced communities able to enjoy and benefit from the natural environment

3. Fairer life chances and opportunity for all

4. Improved health and wellbeing and more people living healthy and independent lives for longer

Improving Lives Strategy 2019-2028

Health and Wellbeing Consultation

The Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board invited residents and local organisations and communities to comment on the draft Improving Lives Strategy 2019-2028. The consultation ran for 9 weeks from Friday 15th June until Friday August 17th. The consultation is now closed and the consultation output report is now available.

Health and Wellbeing through District Councils in Somerset

South Somerset 
Taunton Deane 
West Somerset
Somerset Strategic Housing Framework Workshop Summary

Our board looks at people's health and social care needs together, as well as taking into account the bigger picture - things like transport, housing, jobs and leisure - so that services truly help people stay healthy and independent. 

Members of the board must look at the evidence of what works best to help target plans and resources. To help do this the board publishes Joint Strategic Needs Assessments 

Here is the Health and Wellbeing Board plan on a page for 2018-19. 

Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board Annual Report 2017-18
Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board Annual Report 2016-17 

Information about future dates of meetings and past minutes of meetings 

More information on the Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board

Healthwatch Somerset Impact Report 2018

Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board Annual Conference 2016
The Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board Annual Conference took place on 18 October at The Canalside Conference Centre, and this year centred around 'Positive Lives – Building Mental Health Capital in Somerset'  

The event was extremely successful and we have received a lot of positive feedback from those who attended. If you have not already done so, please use this link to leave your feedback on the conference.

These are the presentations from the day, if you wish to download them, and the final delegate list. 

1. Setting the scene - Pip Tucker
2. VCSE and Social Capital - Justin Sargent
3. The Role of Mental Health Services - Dr Nick Broughton
4a. Emotion Coaching - Fiona Moir
4b. Mindfulness and Emotion Coaching Relationship - Jo Leek
4c. Health TIK - Clare Wilson and Sharrron Ricketts
5. Mindfulness - Deborah Howard
6. Martock - Our Place - Tracey Smith

Cormac Russell - Sustainable community development: from what's wrong to what's strong.

Final Delegate List 

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