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Avon and Somerset Police have launched the Stop Terrorist and Extremist online Presence campaign in the form of the ‘Red Button’. The red button is on their homepage.

It links to a feature article and signposts to the report terrorism page on the GOV.UK website

Preventing extremism and radicalisation
Prevent is one part of the United Kingdom’s counter-terrorism strategy (CONTEST) and aims to stop people from being exposed to extreme ideologies, or becoming involved in or supporting terrorist activity. It is an approach that involves many agencies and communities, to safeguard people who may be at risk of radicalisation.

The Prevent strategy covers all types of extremism, both domestic violent and non-violent extremism, including the extreme right wing, Islamist militantism and other causes.

Three national objectives of the Prevent strategy have been identified:

Objective 1: Respond to the ideological challenge of terrorism and the threat we face from those who promote it.

Objective 2: Prevent people from being drawn into terrorism and ensure that they are given appropriate advice and support.

Objective 3: Work with sectors and institutions where there are risks of radicalisation that we need to address.

Prevent and safeguarding in Somerset
The Government’s revised Prevent strategy was launched in July 2015. Its key objectives are to challenge the ideology that supports extremism and terrorism and those who promote it through safeguarding. It uses a multi-agency approach, similar to that used for dealing with safeguarding issues such as Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) to prevent vulnerable people from being drawn into extremism and terrorism.

This approach ensures that Prevent achieves its purpose of safeguarding vulnerable individuals who are at risk of radicalisation from extremist groups.

Our Prevent objectives

Workshop to raise the awareness of Prevent (WRAP) – Info about how to sign up
There is face-to-face training, so that everyone is aware of and understands the Prevent Duty and how it sits within national and local safeguarding processes.

Training opportunities

Home Office Prevent e-learning

Our staff can go to The Learning Centre for Prevent and Channel Panel e-learning.

Advice and support

  • Have a clear understanding of the Prevent referral process. Provide advice and guidance on how to safeguard and prevent people from being drawn into extremism.  
  • Ensure that partner agencies work together to provide vulnerable individuals support and advice if a concern is raised that the person may be or becoming radicalised into extremism. Assistance should then be provided to them with the necessary support structure.
  • To recognise and use early intervention strategies to guide an individual in a more positive direction.
  • To offer support to individuals, using the Channel Panel - which can include educational, employment and community interventions.

Let's Talk About It
This website is a tool for engaging with people from all communities. It is an initiative developed by the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit Counter-Terrorism Policing, to provide practical help and guidance to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. 

The aim of the site is to give people a clear and better understanding of both Prevent and Channel, while providing signposting and support for people who are concerned that someone they know may be vulnerable to radicalisation.  

The site also has useful information about how to spot the signs that someone may be being radicalised, and provides tips on how you can protect yourself.

Who to contact if you have a Prevent concern

1. To report a concern

Police Prevent Team
Phone 01278 647466 - Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm. For out of hours advice, phone 101  

2. For advice, support and training enquiries

Public Health Specialist – Community Safety, Lucy Macready
Phone 07887 955 440 

3. For safeguarding support and advice

Customer Contact
Phone 0300 123 2224

4. All other Prevent questions


Report online terrorist material
Tackling extremist material is important to protect the public and prevent offences that incite or promote terrorism and extremism.  

The internet is perhaps the most likely and most prominent delivery method exploited by extreme groups seeking to radicalise vulnerable people into pledging support by promoting views of extreme content, the reading of extremist publications, online speaking events and communication. 

You can report online extremist and terrorist material on the Home Office website

You can report:

  • articles, images, speeches or videos that promote terrorism or encourage violence
  • content encouraging people to commit acts of terrorism 
  • websites made by terrorist or extremist organisations
  • videos of terrorist attacks 

Prevent in the community 
Safeguarding is the primary objective of the Prevent Duty in Somerset. If you have any concerns that someone in your community is vulnerable or susceptible to radicalisation by extremists, please contact the Police Prevent Referral team on 01179 455 536 or email 

To help the people in your community, early intervention through Prevent and Channel as a safeguarding strategy is the most effective, and this will support that person fully from radicalisation.

This leaflet is to make you aware of a potential risk to young or vulnerable people from extremism and terrorism. It has not been prompted by an incident at a school or in the community. The leaflet is to offer advice and reassurance. Somerset remains a low risk area for terrorism and a safe place to live. If you want to know more, please visit the websites listed in the leaflet.

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