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An e-petition is a form of petition posted on a website. Individuals or groups can create e-petitions and visitors can add their details to e-petitions to 'sign' them. The format makes it easy to collect signatures, as you can 'share' a link to your petition through social media and email. 

A number of free online tools for creating and sharing petitions are available, including and 

The free online tools will guide you through the process of creating a petition, getting support and ‘delivering’ it to the Council for consideration.  When setting up a petition you may wish to include the email address to make sure we know that a petition has been created and are notified when it is closed and ready for consideration.

e-Petitions must follow the same guidelines as paper petitions and will be considered in the same way. You can find more information about our petition scheme in the Information and resources section of this page.

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