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If you enjoy a challenge and think you’d get a buzz out of helping young people develop the skills and attitudes they need to succeed in life, then we’d like to talk about you being a volunteer for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

By giving a little of your free time you’ll be able to help make a real difference to young people’s lives. Our DofE team needs people like you who can inspire young people to take part, encourage them to complete their programme and celebrate with them when they achieve an Award.

Our unique approach offers flexibility, not only for participants but for volunteers as well – there are loads of ways you can be part of this exciting work. 

Volunteer roles
Our DofE volunteers enjoy creating a positive, supportive environment that’s bristling with energy for participants. They share our vision of every young person being able to undertake a DofE programme, and help develop and run DofE centres and groups, supporting young people to achieve their full potential.

There are many different roles for volunteers - have a look to see what you could do:

DofE co-ordinator
Set up and manage DofE in a youth club or community centre. As a co-ordinator, you'll support other volunteer leaders and oversee DofE groups, looking after the administration, money and paperwork, helping with recruiting young people and other volunteers, and planning how the centre will operate. You’ll promote DofE locally and possibly help raise money to support the centre’s programmes.

You’ll need to be enthusiastic, good with young people and adults, well organised and able to look after paperwork, and be confident with a computer and the internet. You could also be a leader for a group in your centre.

DofE leader
Leaders are responsible for a DofE group – or two. You'll lead, guide, inspire and encourage young people, agree their programme choices and approve their progress and pictures in eDofE - the online system that records your DofE programme and activities. You’ll keep young people motivated and on track, and produce the information they need.

You’ll need to be good with young people and paperwork and confident with a computer and the internet. 

DofE supervisor
Supervisors are people with a good understanding of a participant's chosen activity. You'll help them set their goals and regularly meet them to support their progress, address any difficulties and adjust goals. 

A supervisor is essential for the expedition section, as they are responsible for supervising and supporting a team of participants to ensure their safety and wellbeing while they are on expedition. The expedition supervisor could also be the DofE leader if they have the right experience and qualifications.

You’ll need to be good with young people and paperwork, and for the expedition section, have outdoor education experience and qualifications.

DofE Assessor
Assessors oversee a young person's progress and agree the completion of a section of their programme. You'll need knowledge of the activity they're doing and to approve their progress and pictures in eDofE. It may be that you have experience or particular interests that will help young people complete a specific activity.

In the Expedition section, qualifying expeditions must be assessed by a competent adult who is approved by the Licensed Organisation and accredited by the DofE through the Expedition Assessor Accreditation Scheme.

You’ll need to be good with young people and paperwork, and for the Expedition section, to have outdoor education experience and qualifications.

Volunteers and helpers
Adults who can give time to help our DofE Leaders run a group can be volunteers. You may give general support, such as admin, help to run one section or give specific training, or organise fundraising or promotional activity.

While not all volunteers will be involved in the detailed running of programmes, everyone needs to understand DofE and work towards the same goals, share responsibility and maintain the overall quality of the centre’s work.

DofE Ambassador or Committee member
This is a varied role for adult volunteers to support all aspects of our DofE delivery across Somerset. We attend – and want to attend more - careers fairs, business meetings and all manner of promotional events to raise awareness of DofE among young people and adults, recruit more adult volunteers, raise money and provide training. 

To do this we need people with a variety of skills and experience, including publicity and promotion, the internet and social media, marketing and event organisation, fundraising and administration, and networking and public speaking.

If you want to make a positive impact on young people and have any of the skills and experience mentioned above, we want to hear from you.

To find out more about becoming a DofE volunteer, and the training and support we provide, please contact our DofE team on 01823 349850 or 


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